Hook Lift Bins & Trucks

Dunmain utilise a large number of hook lift bins or bulk bins across a wide array of projects. Hook Lift truck with bins ranging in size from 10 to 15 cubic meters are available. Hook lift truck and hook lift bins can are used to supply construction materials to sites being ideal where material is needed for use at a later point and cannot be tipped or stored on ground.

Hook lift truck and hook lift bins can also be utilised for waste removal from site. Hook lift truck and hook lift bins are a convenient and easy way of storing materials on site without the need for unsightly stockpiles and environmental controls.

All of our hook lift bins have ramps available to allow smaller trucks, excavators and loaders to access the bins through the swing out tailgate. This is particularly useful where site access is restricted and the bin may need to be located some distance away, smaller trucks can transport water material to the bin and easily tip or load into the bin.

Dunmain have 24 hour easy access facilities where material can be sorted and stored for transport to an appropriately licenced disposal facility. With over 10,000 square meters of yard space available with areas laid out and fully secured access and egress is easy for any size truck or trailer.

Our DA approved storage facilities can be used for storing materials such as vacuum excavated material, asphalt, concrete, rock and dry excavated material for the convenience of sorting and waste classification testing.

Being conveniently located in inner western Sydney this gives a great turnaround time to sites within the inner city, inner west and south west and with 24 hr unrestricted access this can be a great advantage especially during night works.

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