Cable Installation & Joint Bays

Principal Contractor, 9.6 klms of trench, conduit and cable installation. Various HDD bores including some complex bores under the Georges River, M5 Motorway and Railway lines. Trenching was carried out through urban streets, parks and greenfield sites.

Dunmain are responsible for:

  • Excavation, Installation and backfill of 2 circuits of conduit.
  • Cast in Situ Concrete Construction of all joint bays.
  • Earthing of all joint bays.
  • HDD bores under Georges River (2 locations) M5 and various other locations on project.
  • All cable installation (33kv, Earth and fibre optic).
  • All Cable Jointing and Terminations.
  • Install of Bentonite in all bore conduits after cable install.
  • Restoration of areas on all the associated works.
  • Project is on time and within Budget

This project was completed for Endeavor Energy.

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