Fibre Optic Cable Installation

Civil Works, Joint Bays and fibre optic cable installation for a new 33KV Feeder S24 from Sydney East Sub Transmission substation to Terrey Hills Zone Substation. Suburban location with major thoroughfare. Site located along major traffic route. 4.6 klms in length.

Works Included:

  • Arrange all traffic management plans, RTA Permits and on site traffic control for duration of entire project
  • Excavate trench approximately 4600m long
  • Construct a duct bank, including DTS and fibre duct
  • Four HDD bores at major intersections along route
  • Construct 5 joint bays including earthing pits, 8 DTS pits, fibre pits and link box pits
  • Install three 33KV single core cables, fibre cable and DTS micro-duct.
  • Permanent Restoration including a total refurbishment of Forest Way medium strip (up to 5mts wide) to RTA Standards

This project was completed for Ausgrid.

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