Non-Destructive and Vacuum Excavation

Dunmain can provide a wide array of non-destructive and vacuum excavation services. We have non-destructive and vacuum trucks available ranging in size from 3000litres to 8500litres units. Our larger non-destructive and vacuum excavation trucks are fitted with bigger 6 inch pick up hoses to prevent blockages and give increased productivity.

Non-destructive and vacuum excavation is ideal for use when there is a need to eliminate the risk of damaging existing utility services.

All of Dunmains non-destructive and vacuum excavation units are fitted with variable pressure control so that water blasting pressures are kept below the utility owner requirements. Water lances can also be fitted with shrouds to maintain safe working distance from any existing utility.

Non-destructive and vacuum excavation can be used in lots of applications such as pot holing for existing services, trial holes, excavating around live services or hard to access areas. Vacuum trucks can also be utilised for dewatering pits and vaults to reduce contamination and the impact on the environment.

Dunmain have access to 24 hour testing and disposal facilities within Sydney’s Inner West and have capability to store up to 100,000lts of liquid or vacuum excavated material. All of our units are purpose built non-destructive and vacuum units and are not converted street sweepers.

Our operators all have current verification of competencies and are fully trained and licensed to operate the unit assigned to the project.

Non-destructive and vacuum exaction units are available 24hrs a day, seven days a week and no job is too small.

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